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About us

  • Our service

    Urban Pulse is a mobile application that brings together everything you need for a great time out: tons of great deals and ideas for places to go, tools for finding and meeting up with friends, and a journey planner offering all the possible ways to get there.

  • Our origins

    Urban Pulse is an initiative of Veolia Transdev, the world leader in passenger transport. Based on an advertising model, our application was ready for an international launch in early 2012, following pilot tests in cities in the USA and Europe in 2011.

  • Our vision

    As a start-up based in both Paris and New York, our team is dedicated to the idea that going out should be easy, rich and fun. Our tools are designed to enable people to get out more, and to better benefit from all there is to do.

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    Would you like to join the Urban Pulse team? We are always looking for motivated people with solid skills in building communities, mobile ad sales, application development, data management, product management, mobile service design and finance. Contact us.

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